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IvyAdmit Consulting Associates is dedicated to helping international applicants apply across borders to top American and European Universities and Graduate Schools. The process of applying is different for international applicants, and international applicants face a different set of challenges and opportunities – including cultural differences, difficulties in communication, visa issues, TOEFL and language issues, admissions quotas (limits), and different options for scholarships and financial aid. Applying successfully to American and European schools requires a specific mindset, a specific way of thinking and communicating, which is far from obvious. Successful applicants must express themselves in a thoughtful and convincing way, showing the reasons for the decisions they have made, how their professional and personal experiences work together to prepare them for their goals, and how they intend to create a positive impact on the school where they study – and the world. Our core competence is the experience we have built helping international applicants navigate this complex application process, as well as our first-hand knowledge and connections to top American and European schools. This unique combination has made us the leader in international admissions consulting.  




We are a dedicated, experienced, highly professional group of current and former professors and students at Ivy League universities and other top American schools. Each of our full-time consultants holds a degree from an Ivy League university and has professional writing and editing experience. Our team includes MBAs, professors, and other faculty members from Ivy League universities and top-ten American Business Schools. We maintain offices in Boston and New York but travel frequently and extensively in Asia and the Pacific Rim, meeting clients and cooperating with partners and local companies. This arrangement allows us to stay close to the centers of decision-making at top American schools while maintaining our knowledge of the current situation in the countries where our clients live and work. Our perspective is truly global and unique in the international admissions consulting market.




Over the past six years, we have helped applicants from China, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, and Japan gain admission to their top-choice schools. We have helped applicants gain admission to each of the top-ten American Business Schools, as well as top-ranked European and international schools. Our overall rate of success stands at almost 90%, a rate that is even more outstanding because of the quality and selectiveness of the schools where our clients apply. We have also helped clients win scholarships and financial aid at their top-choice schools. Applying to an MBA or other university program is one of the most demanding and important steps in your career - why should you trust your future to anyone less?




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